FXR 17-360: R 1,015,455
FXZ 26-360: R 1,298,403
FXZ 28-360 COMPACTOR: R 1,434,006
FXZ Mixer: R 1,315,161
FXZ Tipper: R 1,294,185
GXR 35-360 Tractor: R 1,158,525
GXR 40-360 (Retarder): R 1,226,583
GXZ 45-360 (Retarder): R 1,509,645




Number of models: 8
ABS: Standard
ASR: Standard

FX-Series trucks are heavyweights that combine high-tech sophistication with the strength to move more loads faster and more efficiently than ever before. Positioned at the heavy to extra-heavy end of the commercial vehicle sector these workhorses are equally at home on the highway as they are on construction sites. Eight derivatives are available in either truck tractor or rigid-body options ranging from 16 500kg to 28 000kg GVM up to 45 000kg GCM for truck tractors, with specialist tipper, compacter and mixer chassis available.

Across the range power is derived from a 265 kW (360hp) turbocharged engine which delivers 1 422Nm of torque at 2 000rpm. The use of common rail diesel injection technology with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) ensures the best possible economy while effectively reducing exhaust emissions to levels far below South Africa’s Euro 2 specification. A standard nine-speed gearbox (with “crawler” mode for pull-off on steep gradients) is used across the entire range.

FX-Series trucks boast impressive safety features that include a sophisticated braking system combining ABS stopping power with engine exhaust brakes plus an electromagnetic retarder on the GXR 40-360. In the event of an accident the rigid cab offers a high degree of protection for occupants, while the addition of a driver-side airbag, as well as seatbelts and door beams provides additional safeguards. Cab interiors are comfortable with air-conditioning, radio and electric powered windows to reduce driver fatigue and further enhance safety and productivity. 

FX-Series trucks provide operators with fast, economical and powerful trucks for heavy freight, mixers, tippers, medium haul operations and almost any other heavy duty application required. 


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