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Exclusive 7 Year / 200 000 km Warranty Only Available at Thorp

• All new vehicles sold, come standard with a 7 year or 200 000km warranty coverage – whichever occurs first.This helps give you complete peace of mind motoring.

• The warranty covers the following, FREE OF CHARGE: - ‘bumper to bumper’ - Any unforeseen costs related to any product warranty related concerns, components and labour – excluding, normal wear items and routine servicing.

• The warranty will be valid and honoured if vehicles (Isuzu, Opel or Chevrolet) are serviced at a Thorp on the specified service intervals.This is to ensure that the vehicle’s, components and updates are maintained or performed (e.g. filters and oil replaced at the correct time) as per schedule and that the vehicle will continue to serve the owner with reliability, economy and component durability.

• Always ensure that you fully understand your vehicle’s warranty terms (available in the warranty & service guide booklet inside vehicle) and servicing requirements, along with the importance of maintaining a full service history (stamped service book records) at Thorp throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.