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Isuzu Wins Kirkwood 4x4 Competition

Isuzu Wins Kirkwood 4x4 Competition

In order to celebrate their 10th year of involvement with the Kirkwood Festival/4x4 Competition, held just outside Port Elizabeth last weekend, Isuzu entered four vehicles in the 4x4 Competition. Three of these vehicles were driven by media guests and the 4th vehicle by the Isuzu Off-Road Academy. With entries from as far as East London, Cape Town, Richards Bay and Bloemfontein, vehicles had to complete ten challenging obstacles without touching the stakes. Entries for the 4x4 competition are limited to fifty vehicles and five categories:

  1.  Class A – modified with diff-lock
  2.  Class B – modified with open diff
  3.  Class C1 – production SWB
  4.  Class C2 – production LWB
  5.  Class D – 4x2 buggies

The four standard Isuzu KB300 LX 4x4’s (two E/Cab and two D/Cab) competed in class C2 against some very tough competition. Although this is a production class, some modifications are allowed: The Isuzus were fitted with standard Continental World Contact All-Terrain (AT) tyres and a tubular rear step available from Parts & Accessories. After competing in all ten obstacles, the Isuzu Off-Road Academy entry, driven by Driving Dynamics owner Grant McCleery and co-driven by Isuzu Brand Manager Ryan Visagie, was declared the winner of Class C2 and also OVERALL winner of the competition!! This kind of competition was the ultimate test for the Isuzu KB and also absolute proof of its off-road capability and tough nature!

Click here for a short clip of the Isuzu 4x4 Challenge 2011

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